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Timothy Ravis, Global Development, CALS: Indonesia.

Sarah Kreps, PACS

Sarah Kreps, professor of government, says, “Convince me that Apple having the largest market capitalization in the world is an inherent problem for...

100% Success Rate This Year

Five Cornell PhD students have received Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad awards, with support from Einaudi.

Stephen Yale-Loehr, Migrations

In the Behind the Money podcast, Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor of immigration law, discusses Sergei Leontiev who fled Russia and seeks asylum.

Sarah Kreps, PACS

Sarah Kreps, professor of government, says, “They keep talking about wanting to be regulated; actions are speaking louder than their words and the...

Anarchism and Southeast Asia

Applications are now open for GETSEA’s Fall 2023 Mini-Course!

Next Generation’s Initiative Conference

“If you block peaceful politics, then you make room for unpeaceful politics,” said a presenter at the Sept. 9 conference at Cornell.

Reflections of Summer 2023

To get lost is to learn the way. - African proverb October 26, 2023  4:00pm  Willard Straight Browsing Library Join us for presentations,...

Supported by the Laidlaw Scholars Program

Laidlaw scholar Taryn Chung nurtures her research and communication skills through team projects on food systems and social innovations.

Dr. Kouame Kouadio, Researcher, Head of Eco Epidemiology unit, Department of...

Kouamé Kouadio is an Ivorian senior researcher and the Head of the eco epidemiology unit within the Department of Environmental Health at Pasteur...