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Interview with Magnus Fiskesjö

Updates on the human rights situation in Myanmar and in China's Xinjiang/East Turkistan, with Prof. Magnus Fiskesjö.

Global Public Voices Fellows in Medium

Karim-Aly Kassam and Frederick R. McDonald: Indigenous concept of personhood offers powerful pathways for action.

Roundtable on Democratic Backsliding in Southeast Asia

April 15 (8:00 p.m. ET): Experts on the politics of Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines discuss rising authoritarianism. Register now!
Naomi Egel, PhD candidate in government, co-authors a commentary that challenges the current discussion on the future of arms control.

Register Now to Attend April 2

Kum joins the East Asia Program on April 2 at 10:00 to discuss her latest installation work, Morning Dew: The Stigma of Being “Brainwashed.” 

Sarah Kreps, PACS

Americans won’t pull the trigger on the country’s longest war, argue Sarah Kreps and Douglas Kriner, professors of government, in Foreign Affairs.

Barry Strauss, PACS

Barry Strauss, professor of history and classics, says, “There’s a lot of fake news about Caligula… But we can’t trust the myths.” 

Condemns Anti-Asian Racism and Violence

Einaudi stands with our Asian and Asian American colleagues and students. Read the statement to find out how to report campus incidents of bias.
Thomas Nolan is a recent Cornell graduate who studied government and near eastern studies. He is currently working on a master's degree at Oxford...

Jens David Ohlin, PACS

“He tried to delay them as much as possible,” says Jens David Ohlin, referring to the Trump cases in general. “But now that he’s out of office, he no...