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Lourdes Casanova

Lourdes Casanova cited as one of Latin America's top thinkers

The Latin American Studies Program and SC Johnson College of Business professor was named one of the 30 Most Influential Women Intellectuals in Ibero-America by Esglobal.

Hiro Miyazaki at podium

Video: "The Economy of Hope"

Einaudi Center director Hiro Miyazaki and sociologist Richard Swedberg presented their new book in a “Chat in the Stacks” talk in October. 

Mostafa Minawi

Historian examines manipulation of international law

Mostafa Minawi, director of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Initiative, describes how European powers used legal tools to dismantle Ottoman power. 

Santorini cistern

Cisterns could boost sustainable tourism on Santorini

An interdisciplinary research project sponsored by the Cornell Institute for European Studies found a modern use for an ancient water management technology. 

Sewing a Brighter Future

Winners of 2017 student photo contest announced

Top three prizes go to graduate students Jenna Zitomer, Marianne Santoso, and Janet Smith for their photos from Africa. 

Haris Silajdzic

Former Bosnian prime minister calls for new brand of multiculturalism

In a Nov. 20 lecture, Haris Silajdžić discussed the need to move beyond “democratic fuedalism“ and embrace ethnic diversity. 

Rohingya refugees in boat

Roundtable probes deep and tangled roots of Rohingya crisis

Historian Michael Charney and human rights researcher Eaint Thiri Thi described the historical and contemporary forces leading to the mass exodus of Muslims from Myanmar.  

Miyazaki presents statuette to Mayor Myrick

With assist from center, Ithaca joins Mayors for Peace campaign

Director Hiro Miyazaki conveyed messages and gifts between the mayors of Ithaca and Nagasaki. 

Downs in Tanzania

Einaudi Center announces seed and small grant recipients

The awards support the international research of nine Cornell faculty members from seven departments in six colleges.

Bonnie MacDougall

Former South Asia Program director Bonnie MacDougall dies

MacDougall was emeritus professor of architecture and a scholar of Sri Lankan and South Asian architecture and language. 

Muna Ndulo

Ndulo: Mugabe created crisis and could end it by resigning

In a discussion on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story, the director of the Institute for African Development helps unpack the complexities of the Zimbabwe transition. 

Robert Mugabe and soldier

Pepinsky: A coup or not a coup? That is not the question

International faculty fellow Tom Pepinsky is cited in the New York Times for his essay on the messiness of political transitions, including the one in Zimbabwe. 

Christopher Painter at podium

In Bartels lecture, Painter makes case for “cyber diplomacy”

The former chief of cyber issues at the state department outlined the power and limitations of diplomatic tools for providing security in cyberspace.

Trump and Abe

Riles: Trump Asia trip marks decline in U.S. power

Asian leaders now hold the reins, said Annelise Riles of Meridian 180 and Cornell Law School in USA Today. 

Saurabh Mehta and David Erickson

Collaboration seeks to reduce health care disparities through technology

International faculty fellow Saurabh Mehta and Cornell engineer David Erickson seek to empower patients and health workers in underserved areas.

Woman at pyramid

Global Cornell debuts one-stop site for international travelers

The website provides information and resources for students, faculty, and staff who are traveling abroad for study, service learning, internships, teaching, or research.

Cornell law students

Law students translate SCOTUS for the global public

Millions of people around the world read the students’ plain English explanations of legal and policy issues at stake in upcoming Supreme Court cases. 

Migrants facing border patrol

Conference explores criminalization of immigration

At the Nov. 9-10 meeting social scientists and legal scholars will discuss the impact of large-scale immigration for immigrants, their families, their communities, employers, and political movements.

Jonathan Kirshner

Kirshner: When the wise men failed on Vietnam

In the New York Times, government professor Jonathan Kirshner writes of the catastrophic misjudgment of President Johnson’s advisors 50 years ago.

Hamlet actors

Syrian “Hamlet” satire premieres at Cornell

This political satire, written by poet Mamduh Adwan and directed by Cornell professor Rebekah Maggor, uses text, original music and movement to explore past and current events in Syria.