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Mostafa Minawi, CO+POS

Cornell Daily Sun coverage: Following the developments in Sudan, the Critical Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Studies initiative of the Mario Einaudi Center...

Nicolas van de Walle, IAD

Nicolas van de Walle, professor of government, discusses the military-led government in Chad.

Cornell to Welcome Young African Leaders

The Einaudi Center and Brooks School will host 25 emerging African community leaders and entrepreneurs for a six-week Leadership Institute in June.

Jessica Chen Weiss, EAP

“More intensive diplomacy is necessary to reduce the growing risk of a crisis that neither side seeks at a time of acute domestic challenges,” says...

Einaudi Seed Grants Finding Fertile Soil

Read about new awards and research funded in 2022, including Alex Flecker (Amazon aquaculture) and Victoria Beard (Global Survey of City Leaders).

Sarah Kreps, PACS

Sarah Kreps, professor of government, discusses why China continues to push its influence operations.

SEAP faculty member Christine Balance weighs in

It’s a new era in Asian America, and the TikTok generation is running it.  Scroll a few times on your For You page and you’ll easily come across...
The April 24 Lund Debate is available on video! Watch it now.

Jessica Chen Weiss, EAP

Jessica Chen Weiss, professor of law, discusses the notion that China aims to supplant the U.S. as the leading world power in this opinion piece. 

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SEAP faculty member Shorna Allred (in collaboration with SEAP Visiting Fellow Walker DePuy and postdoctoral fellow Wendy Erb) was awarded for her...