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Register Now to Attend April 2

Kum joins the East Asia Program on April 2 at 10:00 to discuss her latest installation work, Morning Dew: The Stigma of Being “Brainwashed.” 

Mildred Warner, IES

Professor of City and Regional Planning in the College of Architecture, Art and Planning, Mildred Warner "shows that state laws designed to hinder...

Sarah Kreps, PACS

Americans won’t pull the trigger on the country’s longest war, argue Sarah Kreps and Douglas Kriner, professors of government, in Foreign Affairs.

Christine Balance, SEAP

Christine Bacareza Balance, associate professor of Asian American studies, says that Asian women have been fetishized in American culture and provides...

Tom Pepinsky to serve as inaugural Walter F. LabFeber Professor

A professorship has been established in the College of Arts & Sciences to honor Walter LaFeber, the Andrew H. and James S. Tisch Distinguished...

Einaudi Director Joined Clinton in March 18 Panel

“Don't disengage, don’t think it’s futile, don’t turn away from working within the system,” Rachel Beatty Riedl urged.

Check out the Global Cornell YouTube channel for more!

Recordings of several Gatty Lectures from Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 are now available on the Global Cornell YouTube channel.

Steve Osofsky, IAD

In this NYT opinion piece, author Thomas L. Friedman writes how Steve Osofsky "summarized how the health of wildlife, the health of ecosystems and our...

Christine Balance, SEAP

Christine Balance, professor of Asian American studies, says people need to consider the long history of anti-Asian violence and that we need more...

Robert Hockett, CRADLE

In this piece debunking a widely-shared meme taking several facts about the Titanic out of context to claim the ship’s sinking was deliberate, Robert...