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Thomas Pepinsky, director of the Southeast Asia Program and professor of government, has received Cornell’s highest honors for faculty members.
Ifeoma Ajunwa, assistant professor ILR, law, and history, comments on limitless worker surveillance.
Apple and Google announced a significant new step in their collaboration to help public health authorities track and trace COVID-19 exposures using...
The moves are seen as a challenge to China’s trade relationship with Taiwan, a democracy that the Chinese Communist Party claims is a renegade...

Einaudi Center Announces Einaudi-SSRC Dissertation Development Awards

Sixteen PhD students in our newest Einaudi-SSRC cohort are refining their dissertation plans with help from faculty mentors and intensive workshops.

Insights from China's War on Smog

Anna L. Ahlers, Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, explores her research process and background air pollution in China.

Cornell's Local Grown Dance concert excerpt of "Atelier 320: upending"

Taiwan's foremost Chinese calligrapher, Tong Yang-Tze's art is incorporated in a visually hypnotic dance titled, Atelier 320: upending. Choreographed...

Robin McNeal in conversation with John Zinda

China's enormous economic, industrial, and environmental transformation over the past few decades is the theme spring 2020 CCCI lecture series. 

Michael Hathaway and CCCI faculty host John Zinda

John Zinda speaks with Michael Hathaway about the transformative Matsutake mushroom trade in southwest China.
Mary Jo Dudley, MRP ’96, an expert in farmworker issues, talks about how the pandemic has underlined the importance of farmworkers, who are crucial to...