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Martin Sherwin, professor and historian of the nuclear age, passed away on October 6, 2021.   Sherwin graduated with a PhD in history from the...

Eswar Prasad, SAP

Eswar Prasad, professor of economics and international trade policy, discusses the potential for cryptocurrencies to lead to financial instability.

Sarah Kreps, PACS

“The assumption that there was no substitutability was wrong,” says Sarah Kreps, professor of government, as new terrorist leaders replace the...

Robert Hockett, CRADLE/Einaudi

This piece references comments by Robert Hockett, professor of law, on why the Taliban is unlikely to ever see the Afghan central bank’s assets.

Manga's Portrayals of Deaf Characters October 18 at 4:45 p.m. ET

Yoshiko Okuyama, a professor of Japanese studies at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo, will discuss Reframing Disability in Manga (University of...

Eswar Prasad, SAP

Eswar Prasad, professor of economics, discusses the future of digital currencies. 

Ed Mabaya, IAD

In this op-ed, Ed Mabaya, research professor in the Department of Global Development, shares Africa's unique contributions to global food, from $40...

Joseph Margulies, PACS

Joseph Margulies, professor of law, says that Abu Zubaydah is “the person for whom the torture memo was written. That is, it was drafted in order to...

By the Cornell Sun

Check out this piece from the Cornell Sun on our next Gatty Lecture!

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Applications due Tuesday, 11/16/2021, by 8:00pm EST.