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Office Space

Limited office space is available for faculty, visiting fellows, and graduate students associated with the Southeast Asia Program.

For graduate students: Priority is given to PhD students who have been active in the program and who are writing up their dissertations or studying for A exams. Master's students and pre-A exam PhD students affiliated with SEAP are welcome to apply, however, and will be offered space if available.

Applications for office space are accepted at any time, but space is typically assigned during the summer or prior to the start of each semester. All applications must be renewed at the end of the spring semester if occupants wish to keep their office space for the next academic year.

If you already have office space, the Kahin Center graduate student coordinator will be in touch at the end of the spring semester regarding future needs and use.

Apply for Office Space

If you do not already have office space, please email the Kahin Center coordinator.

Provide your full name, department, advisor/SEAP-affiliated faculty on your special committee, stage of research (e.g., preparing for A exams or dissertation-writing), the semesters or dates in the upcoming academic year when you will be on campus and would like office space, and how often you expect to use the office space (e.g., if not daily, are willing to share with another student).