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23rd Cornell SEAP Graduate Student Conference

March 19-21, 2021

The Graduate Student Conference was held March 19-21, 2021 online, catering to the opportunity to bring together participants and attendees from all over the world, and powered by SEAP web-platforms.

The theme for the 23rd conference was Links and Fractures. A theme that ties in the physical limitations arising from COVID-19 that have produced severe economic and personal fractures, to the patterns that have long existed before COVID-19 in Southeast Asia, arising out of historical processes of colonization and decolonization, religion, commodity and cultural exchanges, migration, language, information technology, economic expansion, social unrest, political upheaval, and more. Assistant Professor at Cornell University, Juno Salazar Parreñas, delivered the keynote address, titled "Fracture or Linked? Southeast Asia after Area Studies Died," diving into the significance and resilience of Southeast Asian Studies as it links what may feel like fractured engagements with planetary problems.