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Visiting Fellows

SEAP is pleased to invite Southeast Asia area scholars from a wide array of disciplines to affiliate with the Southeast Asia Program through our Visiting Fellows in Residence program.

The Southeast Asia Program welcomes scholars from other institutions, especially those in this country and overseas who do not have access to special research collections, but who do have their own funding, either during the academic year or in the summer period. In accordance with current university procedures, a formal appointment as Visiting Fellow or Visiting Scholar (without Cornell stipend) requires a PhD degree, and can be made for one year at a time, for a maximum of three years. This title may not be used to appoint external graduate students, either domestic or foreign. Overseas scholars must meet J-1 visa and financial requirements. SEAP visiting fellows are able to conduct research in the Echols Collection on Southeast Asia, as well as contribute to academic journals, conferences, symposia, and workshops sponsored by the Program.

Scholars who wish to visit Cornell for less than three months are welcome to do so as casual visitors.

Scholars wishing to affiliate with SEAP as a Visiting Fellow are invited to submit a current curriculum vitae, as well as a brief narrative of the research you will conduct at Cornell.  Applicants should also indicate a proposed term of residence and have a faculty sponsor.  Applications to join the SEAP Visiting Fellow Program are accepted on a rolling basis, but should be submitted well in advance of the proposed start of residency.

Application for appointment as a Visiting Fellow (without Cornell stipend) should be made by email to Associate Director Thamora Fishel

Visiting Fellow, CIIFAD

Carol Colfer is a Senior Associate (anthropologist) with CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research, Bogor, Indonesia); and a Visiting Fellow at CIIFAD (Cornell Institute for International Food and Agricultural Development) at Cornell University.

Visiting Fellow

Kirsten Kamphuis is a gender historian of late-colonial and decolonizing Indonesia. She is currently affiliated with the Cluster of Excellence for Religion and Politics at Münster University, Germany, as a junior researcher.

Visiting Fellow

Sachiko Ohno is a Visiting Fellow at SEAP from 2022 to 2023. Her expertise is in Marketing and Consumer Behavior. She received a Ph.D. in Business Administration in 2014 from Keio University in Japan with a thesis on how emotions of guilt can motivate consumer behavior.

Visiting Fellow

May Sabe Phyu is a visiting fellow at SEAP and woman human rights defender from Myanmar.

Visiting Fellow

Zhaohui Wang is an Associate Professor at the School of International Relations and Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Xiamen University. His research lies in the fields of International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Economy and Asia-Pacific Area Studies.