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Professional Development

Community College Partnerships

The Southeast Asia Program collaborates with other Einaudi Center area studies programs to offer cross-disciplinary professional development workshops for community college faculty on topics such as "Global Islam," "Cultural Flows," and "Refugees."

SEAP outreach has also enlisted the support of two American Overseas Research Centers (AORCs), the Center for Khmer Studies in Cambodia, and the American Institute for Indonesian Studies to offer focused, intensive workshops on Cambodia and Indonesia aimed at expanding the global coverage that community college faculty can provide in their courses. 

Community College Partnerships

These workshops have been the stepping stones to cultivating partnerships with three community colleges: Tompkins Cortland Community College, Onondaga Community College, and Monroe Community College.

With NRC Title VI support, SEAP faculty and staff and their community college partners have enthusiastically launched projects involving piloting Burmese language instruction, building a new study abroad program in Cambodia, and exploring ways to better serve community college students who are refugees from Southeast Asia.

Global Education Faculty Fellowship

Education Faculty Fellows Program SEAP training workshop

Education faculty from Cornell University, Ithaca College, Syracuse University, and SUNY Cortland have participated in the Global Education Faculty Fellowship program.

The program aims to support the integration of intercultural dimensions and world languages with teacher education. It is a collaboration between education faculty, the Southeast Asia Program, and the South Asia Program with its consortium member, the Syracuse University South Asia Center.

Some of our past fellows with outreach staff on campus. Meet our current Community College Internationalization Fellows!

K-12 Teacher Professional Development

Every summer we host a professional development workshop for practicing and pre-service K-12 teachers called International Studies Summer Institute (ISSI). The goal of this workshop is to aid teachers in internationalizing K-12 curricula and incorporating more on world regions into their classrooms. Each year, ISSI has a new international theme, such as global arts education.