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Brian Sengdala and Nikita Sukmono are the SEAP Graduate Student Conference Co-Chairs.

Brian Sengdala

Headshot of Brian Sengdala

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2025-26

Committee Chair/Advisor: Christine Balance

Discipline: Performing and Media Arts

Research Countries: Cambodia

Research Interests: Cambodian/Asian American art as memory work thinking through race, sound, music, performance, and disability


Nikita Sukmono

Headshot of Nikita Sukmono

Degree Pursued: MA

Anticipated Degree Year: 2021-2022

Committee Chair/Advisor: Tom Pepinsky

Discipline: Asian Studies

Primary Language: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore

Research Interests: 

lliberal multiculturalism in SE Asia, specifically Indonesia; ethnicpolicy, politics of Islam, comparative politics, democratic process

Contact with questions for the co-chairs or for the Graduate Student Committee about the conference.