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Staff and Administration

SEAP's staff is organized into three operational groups: administration, outreach, and publications. Our staff members have more than 40 years of combined experience with SEAP.

SEAP staff offices are located on campus at 180 Uris Hall, as well as at the Kahin Center

Program Assistant

Emily recently graduated with a BA in Asian Religions and Cultures from Western Kentucky University. After graduating, she spent almost 2 years in South Korea teaching English as a second language in private schools and North Korean refugee programs. In her free time, she enjoys hiking.

Associate Director
Managing Editor, SEAP/CMIP Publications
Program Manager

Jennifer Munger is the Program Manager for the Southeast Asia Program. She manages most day-to-day operations of the program, including financial transactions, co-sponsorships, faculty meetings, visiting scholars, as well as student awards and funding. She holds a Ph.D.

Outreach Manager
Student Engagement and Community Outreach Coordinator
Sarah Plotkin works with students, staff, and faculty to create meaningful programming that engages K-12 students and teachers.
Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Ava oversees SEAP's outreach activities, both in the local community and in collaboration with national outreach partners.