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Faculty Associates in Research

To forge collaborative relationships with Southeast Asian specialists at educational institutions throughout New York and northern Pennsylvania, SEAP invites area scholars to join our Faculty Associates in Research (FAR) program.

Membership in the FAR program includes the following:

  • Access to the Cornell University Library, including the Echols Collection on Southeast Asia located in Kroch Library. The Echols Collection is widely regarded as the foremost collection of materials on Southeast Asia in the United States
  • Notification of SEAP's upcoming lectures, conferences, symposia, and artistic exhibitions
  • Inclusion in the SEAP program directory and website
  • A complimentary copy of the SEAP bulletin

If you are interested in joining the Southeast Asia FAR program at Cornell, please email us to express your interest, attaching your CV.

Please note that this is a regional network, and membership is extended to those currently residing in the northeastern United States. If you are outside of the region, please visit our outreach page to find out how you can engage with SEAP. 

Associate Professor, Colorado State University

Ryadi Adityavarman is an associate professor in the Interior Architecture program at Colorado State University. He has a multidisciplinary background in architecture, interior design, and historic preservation with a particular focus in Indonesian architectural traditions.

Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College

Matthew Amster is a cultural anthropologist and filmmaker with extensive experience working in Borneo and, more recently, has started a new project in Denmark.

Professor, Vassar College

Christopher Bjork earned his PhD in educational anthropology at Stanford University. Certified to teach both elementary and secondary school, he has worked as a classroom teacher in Japan and the United States.

Associate Professor, Anthropology, SUNY-Brockport

Pilapa Esara Carroll is an associate professor of anthropology at SUNY-Brockport.

Assistant Professor, SUNY-Buffalo

Jennifer Gaynor's research examines the constitution of maritime worlds, especially the spatial dimensions of the maritime, through the analysis of material practices, forms of representation, and institutional structures.

Professor, University of Rochester

Thomas Gibson’s first field research project concerned the relationship between the egalitarian and pacifist values of the Buid, an indigenous people inhabiting the highlands of Mindoro, Philippines, and the hierarchical and aggressive values of the Christian and Muslim societies found in the low

Professor, Hobart and William Smith College

Jack Harris studies men and masculinity in Vietnam. He has expanded into looking at the experience of Vietnamese as they go through massive economic and social change.

Assistant Professor, Saint Louis University

Nori Katagiri is assistant professor of political science at Saint Louis University. He teaches and conducts research on international relations, security studies, and East Asia.

Associate Professor, SUNY-Brockport

Neal Keating is a cultural anthropologist interested in the problems of structural power in the contemporary world.

Associate Professor, Clark University

Ken MacLean is an associate professor of international development and social change and a faculty member at the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies.