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Conference Schedule

Friday, March 1st
2:00pm Short Film Screening Click here for film screening details.
3:00pm Sign-ups Meet and greet in the lobby of the Kahin Center
4:00pm Keynote Address Dr. Marina Welker, Associate Professor, Anthropology
6:00pm Dinner/Reception
Saturday, March 2nd
8:30am Breakfast
9:00am Panel 1: Aftersound/Aftertaste: Audial and Material Flows in the Capitalocene

Miasmas, Microbes and Manufactures: Sanitary Science and Pineapple Tinning Industry in Early 20th Century Singapore (Sophia Chen)

Exotic dye and the time of rebuilding: The Production and Consumption of Siamese Sappanwood in the 18th-19th Centuries (Ziquan Zhou)

The Price of Beauty: Exploring Indonesia's Songbird Trade through Education and Storytelling (Ben Mirin)

10:30am Coffee Break
11:00am Panel 2: Regrowing/Retrieving: Land Reclamation and Farmed Frontiers

Frontier Atmospheres: High-Rise Urbanization in Postcolonial Singapore and its Discontents (Marcus Yee)

Land along the Straits: Living amongst Land Reclamation (Tenn Joe Lim)

Local Power: Gangsters, Genocide and Palm Oil in Central Kalimantan (Dominik Juling)

12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Panel 3: Violence/Reverb: Memory and Survivorhood

The Rose That Grew From Concrete, The Lotus That Grew From Mud: Triple Edge and QT Việt Cafe Performances (Paige Chung)

"The forest is our life": Towards Burmese Land Ontologies (Nicole Venker)

3:45pm Break

4:00pm Panel 4:

Detritus/Wilderness: Transnational Return and Recovery

The Role of “Sustainable Use” Wildlife Conservation within Southeast Asia: Revisiting Cultural Histories, Rethinking Economic Transformation (Francine Barchett)

In the Same Boat: Nanyang Chinese’s Border-crossing and Imperial Anxieties across Wartime Xiamen Bay (1938-1942) (Zhiqing Chen)

Broken Rice and Postcolonial Promises: Independent Southeast Asia and the ‘United Nations’ of Disaster Relief in Postwar Colonial Hong Kong (Quinton Huang)

5:45pm Dinner
Sunday, March 3rd
9:00am Breakfast

10:00am Panel 5: Oculus/Memoria: Filmic Intimacies in Southeast Asia

Different Kinds of Love and Migration: Reconceptualize Transnational Marriages’ through Intimate Event in Heartbound (Namfon Narumol Choochan)

Soul Cinema: Rhythm and Perception in Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Hans Richter (Sean Lambert)

Negating Nonexistence. Discovering the Past and Screening the Present of Cinema in Laos (Anna Koshcheeva and Misouda Heuangsoukkhoun)

11:40am Closing remarks
12:00pm Lao Film screening

Note that all Lao film screenings will be kept parallel to conference–they are not part of conference, but attendees are encouraged to catch those viewings before, during, and after the conference itself.