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The Southeast Asia Program (SEAP) is the home for all scholars at Cornell conducting research on Southeast Asia.

Retired Professor, Graduate School

Thak Chaloemtiarana retired from the Department of Asian Studies and as director of the Southeast Asia Program in 2010. He retains appointments in the Graduate School in the fields of Asian literature, religion and culture, and Asian studies.

Associate Professor, Architecture

Lily Chi's teaching covers topics in contemporary design research, 18th to 21st-century theory and criticism, and architectural drawing/representation in western history. She is completing a writing project on city-building, war, and propaganda in 20th-century Saigon.

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2022-2023

Committee Chair/Advisor: Hakim Weatherspoon

Discipline: Systems Engineering

Professor, Linguistics

Abby Cohn is a professor of linguistics and Southeast Asian studies. Her research interests include the Austronesian languages of Indonesia, with a particular focus on their phonetics, phonology, and morphology.

Visiting Fellow, CIIFAD

Carol Colfer is a Senior Associate (anthropologist) with CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research, Bogor, Indonesia); and a Visiting Fellow at CIIFAD (Cornell Institute for International Food and Agricultural Development) at Cornell University.

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2022-23

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: Fall 2022

Committee Chair/Advisor: Anne Blackburn

Discipline: Asian Studies

Primary Language: Sinhala, Burmese

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2024-25

Committee chair/advisor: Tom Pepinsky

Discipline: Government

Research Countries: Timor-Leste

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2027

Committee Chair/Advisor: N/A

Discipline: Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Primary Language: Vietnamese

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: MFA

Anticipated Degree Year: 2023

Committee Chair/Advisor: Ishion Hutchinson

Discipline: Creative Writing - Fiction

Primary Language: French/Arabic