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The Southeast Asia Program (SEAP) is the home for all scholars at Cornell conducting research on Southeast Asia.

Program Assistant

Emily recently graduated with a BA in Asian Religions and Cultures from Western Kentucky University. After graduating, she spent almost 2 years in South Korea teaching English as a second language in private schools and North Korean refugee programs. In her free time, she enjoys hiking.

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: Doctorate

Anticipated Degree Year: 2028

Committee Chair/Advisor: Jessica Chen Weiss

Discipline: Government

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: Spring 2025

Committee Chair/Advisor: Sarah Murray

Discipline: Linguistics 


Richard Fincher is leading the Cambodia Winter Program in Winter 2024. He is a mediator and arbitrator, self-employed, beginning in 1998. He is a Faculty Associate in the College of Business at Arizona State University.

Assistant Professor, Department of Public and Ecosystem Health

Kathryn Fiorella's research interests include planetary health/one health, fisheries, livelihoods, HIV/AIDS, nutrition and environmental change.

Associate Director
Associate Professor, Anthropology

Magnus Fiskesjö's research concerns ethnic relations and political anthropology in China and Southeast Asia.

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Discipline: Government

Primary Language: Mandarin Chinese

Secondary Languages: Burmese, Indonesian

H. Stanley Krusen Professor of World Religions, Asian Studies

Trained in classical Islamic studies and the history of Islam in Indonesia - in Italy (University of Rome) and London (SOAS) respectively, Chiara Formichi has held positions in Singapore (post-doctoral fellow at the Asia Research Institute), Leiden (research fellow at the KITLV), and at the City

Associate Professor, Architecture

Jeremy Foster is interested in the opportunities landscape thinking offers for environmental understanding, interpretation, and design practice.