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More than 450 faculty from across Cornell come together at the Einaudi Center to imagine and conduct global research. Over 150 graduate and undergraduate students find resources, inspiration, and a global scholarly community through Einaudi's eight regional and thematic programs and minors.

Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of German Studies
Director, Institute for European Studies

Esra Akcan is the Michael A. McCarthy Professor of Architectural Theory in the Department of Architecture and the Director of the Insitute for European Studies.

Associate Professor, History of Art and Visual Studies
Professor, Sociology
Design and Production Assistant

May Lee contributes outstanding design expertise to the development of promotional materials for IES. She is pursuing a Master of Architecture degree and holds a B.S. in Architecture from McGill University.

Design and Production Assistant

Alp contributes outstanding design expertise to the development of promotional materials, video production, and social media account management for IES. In addition to minoring in European studies, he is an Architecture major (B.Arch '21) also minoring in Migration studies.

President White Professor of History and Political Science
Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture

Maria Goula is an associate professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture. Her research focuses on coastal tourism, especially coastal dynamics and the interpretation and reinvention of leisure patterns.

European Studies Minor Student Ambassador

Natalia Gulick provides strategic leadership for the European Studies Minor and administrative support for IES.

Program Manager

Pamela Hampton develops and implements strategies to advance the Institute’s mission of promoting research and teaching focused on Europe.

Adjunct Professor, Classics, Comparative Literature, and Near Eastern Studies
Student Assistant for European Studies

Andrew provides overall administrative support and manages special research projects for the Institute for European Studies.

Associate Professor, English
Associate Professor, History
Associate Professor, Science and Technology